Lousea Lassen has studied music since the age of five years old when she started lessons in the appalachian folk scene in North Carolina. She then went on to study songwriting in Nashville, TN and started her professional music career at age 12 in Bend, OR when she studied with Joe Schulte of The Moon Mountain Ramblers .

She is now passing on her knowledge and is passionate about bringing her students true light forward through music. She allows for the opportunity to express ourselves freely in a positive and uplifting atmosphere. Lesson plans are created depending on the needs of the individual in their present state of learning.

Lassen also provides music therapy sessions for the mentally impaired, disabled, alzheimers and dementia patients: anyone who needs a little light in their life (don’t we all).

Scientifically music is known to spark memories and neural pathways that have since been blocked. “ Simply put, music therapy helps people strengthen relationships, lengthen attention span, work through difficult emotions, and even improve communication, speech and language—all with the help of music. It works because music lights up the whole brain.”

Offerings: Voice, guitar, ukulele, songwriting

~ music therapy sessions


Holistic Ayurveda and Intuitive Healing

Lassen is a Certified Dental Assistant, Ayurvedic Practitioner, and has also trained in intuitive healing and natural medicine with the Quechua Shamans of the Ecuadorian and Peruvian Amazon. She has dedicated her life to learning how to heal naturally after being misdiagnosed with everything from bi-polar disorder, ehlers-danlos, chronic pain, eczema, torn rotator cuffs… the list goes on. She experienced debilitating chronic pain for four years until she dove head first into natural medicine and ayurveda.

Her life was saved by the ancient traditions that have been passed down through generations, and now, her life’s mission is to share this knowledge to hopefully help others who may be experiencing similar mental and physical health issues. Her intuitive and gentle approach sets her apart as well as her holistic approach to health. She looks at the entire picture of her patients lifestyle to give them the best tools for the current state of their body in order to heal fully and stay healthy for a lifetime.

~In person and phone consultations available.

Positive Animal Rehabilitation, Therapy and Training

Intuitive animal training and therapy is a practice of understanding the psychology and behavior of your beloved animal friend and caring for them in a way that is mutually respectful and healthy.

Do you have a new pet that you could use help training and forming a healthy relationship with?

Or an animal that has separation anxiety, overeating habits, incessant barking, defiance, etc??? Animals can drive you nuts if you don’t have the proper tools to handle their behaviors.

Lassen grew up training horses at the ranch next door to her farm house. She then went on to learn to perform positive hypnosis and energy work with traumatized animals through working at dog boarding centers and housing and rehabilitating disabled animals. She uses her tools to create a more balanced relationship between owners and animal friends and enjoys seeing positive relationships form between the many different species on this planet.

Don’t let your animal drive you bonkers, reach out for one hour training sessions.

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