“The amazon is one of the most special places in the world, if not, THE most special place on this earth…”

Dream Underwater is a collective of indivuduals who’s aim is to empower indigenous cultures around the world who are becoming affected by environmental and social changes that are of detriment to their native roots. Our first mission is in the Amazonia region of Iquitos, Peru in May 2020. by forming bonds and facilitating educational programs with the indigenous cultures in the amazon, we are able to provide them with the tools they need to combat western diseases and other outside influences.

Our fast paced, sugar feened, and disconnected culture is slowly starting to seep into the depths of the amazon. It is changing the very foundation of the most bio-diverse area in the world. Animals like Caimans, manatees and other important species are continuing to retreat further and further up river due to the changing climates and lack of rain.

In addition, the importation of sugary, packaged products is causing a major shift in the overall health and dental hygiene of the indigenous people. The small villages lack health care and educational programs, which means they are unable to empower themselves (in most cases) to make positive, long-term changes.

The indigenous people did not ask for these changes, our monetarily driven society has imparted them in order to create more wealth in the United States and now that these changes have been made, it is important to educate these small villages on how we, as a nation, have dealt with the environmental disruptions of the industrial revolution.

In many areas, the indigenous people’s health is beginning to decline due to their newly found access to western foods. They lack the understanding and knowledge that we have gained over the past 100 years of proper nutrition because they have never had to think about these ideas before.

The amazonian people, in their natural state, live off the land and use natural resources to clean their teeth, the woman use piranha teeth to trim their long hair, and anti-bacterials come from the “blood” of the trees.

In this sense, they have all of the wisdom they could ever need to take care of themselves and their families naturally. What they lack is the knowledge on how to take care of themselves when sugary packaged foods become a part of the dinner table. This entails more knowledge of dental hygiene, healthcare and the environmental effects from the plastics and other products that now riddle the amazonian river, in turn affecting the natural flora and fauna.

With a background in music, Dental hygiene, and ayurveda, I felt called to bring my knowledge of healthcare to these distant villages, where resources can be slim to none. to have our ideals imparted onto their beautifully connected culture seemed an unfair transition, when they are still doing their best to live in harmony with nature.

Within the next year, I will be partnering with different organizations to fundraise for Dream underwater. All fundraising will be based in music and community/sustainable projects.

When this fundraising chapter is complete, i will take a select few of individuals on research missions into the amazon to present educational programs to the shamans of small villages so that they may impart the natural systems of healthcare that we have found work well when dealing with these western products.

Along the way we will be providing free music, yoga, and animal behavior classes to the children of the amazon to empower them to become positive influencers in their villages and beyond.

On these trips, you can expect to see pink river dolphins and Caimans. You may experience premonition dreams when disconnected from devices for several days. You will learn Spanish along the way, meet shamans, tour the best market in south america, and be immersed in one of the most life changing, beautifully unique experiences of ones time on earth, while helping to create positive changes.

We will be based out of Iquitos, the biggest “city” in the amazon, where we will have comfortable accommodations (air conditioning, healthy and affordable food options in every direction) and transport readily available from place to place.

When visiting small villages, we will take canoe like boats with motors, sometimes only minutes, sometimes hours, on the rivers to reach certain special destinations where we will hold our programs for the day.

If you have a sense of adventure, a willingness to learn, respect, and hold sacred other cultures…. If you possess a humble demeanor and enjoy the intricacies of the natural world… if you care deeply about making change in this world… then this may be the project for you.

You will take with you a knowledge of natural medicine, a deep connection with the people you meet along the way and the tools to create change within your own communities, wherever that may be. These tools are universal.

Our first journey will be scheduled to start May of 2020 and more information will be released on exact dates in October of 2019.

If you are interested in hearing more details about these experiences and programs please send me an email at … Please include information about yourself and why you are interested in journeying to the amazon.

Much Love

from my heart to yours,

Lousea lassen