The Story. 

      "There is nothing permanent except change." - Heraclitus

      Lousea Lassen was born in the sunshine state, welcomed into the arms of a military family. At her second year, her family was swept to North Carolina and the seemingly endless moving of towns and houses began.  Appalachian folk was her first introduction to music and it is apparent in her soulful "introspective, soul-tinged [songs] written about Lassen’s experiences around the world." 

She was introduced to string instruments at the age of four and her passion for music has progressed into a never ending love affair with writing and performing. She brings honesty, passion, and a lively energy to the stage. Her songs, like timeless stories, never fail to entrance, making you reminisce and dream along side her.

 Inspiration for her music is derived from her traveling roots and globe trotting adventures across continents. You can expect to find a variety of languages and styles throughout her whimsical performances.

Her main musical influences include the likes of : Ella Fitzgerald, Janis Joplin, Emily King, and anyone who sings with their soul.

The sweet ukulele, jazzy acoustic guitar and soulful electric are her accompanying instruments.